Sunday, February 26, 2017

What fate?

The post tells you about John and Sarah Connor and the Terminator himself of Terminator 2 and how they relate to the theme of the movie "No fate but what we make for ourselves.". 

Sarah Connor knows about the future and that her son John will be a leading resistance fighter. When she prepares John for this role throughout his childhood she shows that she does not believe in fate but only in what she can make.She might think that John can not mind being a resistance fighter, but she is certain that she can prepare him to be one.
On the other hand she does not live up to this aspiration when she mostly succumbs to her anger instead of using her brainpower. This way she would have been able to get free from her prison earlier to help her son survive. Giving in to her anger so often makes it her fate to be a captive. Is it?

John like most teenagers tries to create his world which is definitely suiting the theme of you make your fate yourself. He also follows his good heart and is courageous which are qualities that might create a better world, although he also loves playing video games and even steals money for this purpose. Nonetheless he brightly creates a world teenagers love to live in.

The good Terminator - T-800 (Model 101) might not have any fate, because he is a machine and it is difficult to say if he creates what will happen. He only does because of his program. Then again the program is made by humans and the future John has set him up to protect the child he was. This way the Terminator is an extension of humanity and in particular of John. Finally he lives up to the theme of creating the future and not to give in in a supposed fate. Then again his fate is to be destroyed. He has no ability to mind this, although he seems to decide himself that he must be shacked to save John's world.

In the following I will comment four pictures concerning the theme of making your world.
Sarah is captured in a hospital bed after, again, trying to fight her guards. Sarah's temper seems to be fate. It is the only thing she does not seriously fight and the only thing that keeps her away from managing her future in a more efficient way.

Sandra freeing herself.
Sarah has gained a clip and unlocked the bonds wildly ripping them off from her body. This very well illustrates how sarah is capable of creating her future. Only the worries her son could be killed without her help made her using her intellect more than her anger.

Boys playing with guns.
Two boys are playing with guns and the good Terminator comments it by assuming that humanity also means to destroy themselves. This picture states that you can do nothing about the nature of hmanity which is very near to just give in to fate, but ...

Put the gun down, now!
... in contrast to the small children John has developed the moral that it is not a good thing to kill people or use guns. He orders the terminator to stop shooting people. (One of the responses of the Terminator to this issue was: "of course I kill people. I am a Terminator.". Again fate seems close to inherent conditions.)

To sum it up, the movie greatly plays with the theme, where John mostly lives up to it, Sarah behaves somehow contradictory and the Terminator (the good one) raises questions on how a machine is related to fate. We all know about the problem machines might cause when they achieve independence. 
Finally the movie also prompts the question if fate is caused by an (unconscious) propensity like death instincts.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Private Eye Nomi

(PART 1)

Call me Nomi, good?! I got a strange ring about half a year ago, you know? It was about my friend’s paintings. Call her my friend! We met at school in the evening for many years, but never get to know that well. She did not like my sniper hobby, I guess, but than that ring


As I said the ring was about some paintings. (I even did not know my friend has painted.) However, the caller asserts to be my friend. She told me she has been abducted by guy named Che. He wants to have some paintings destroyed

Movie Portraits
If this might not happen soon he will kill my friend or rather might assure she will never leave the prison she now is captivated it.
Why? No idea, it was! How? Easy I thought. Just taking them out from the storage, cut them out of the frames, chop the frames, dump them at the recycling yard. I will have expenses, yes, but …      Did I tell you one of my other hobbies is being a private eye? Not very successful, yet, but I think helping my friend might accelerate the success.

However! So much went wrong! (I will tell you later if you like?) I haven’t destroyed thepaintings by now. 
but I have found out about Che. Che is in love with my friend. She went overseas once to visit him and he fell in love, but my friend left him because she had to organize an exhibition of her paintings. You might think this can’t be a problem! You can meet again! In fact, my friend did not want leaving her paintings behind and Che did not want having the paintings around. That was it. He thinks himself being helpful now. I should mention my friend did not tell the truth when she told me Che has abducted her. I wasn’t able to find out who did, she won’t tell me more, I am sure, why ever, but she seems to live in akind of nightmare, unless the paintings are destroyed. See you for the time being.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Observer

It isn’t a lie what I am telling you now. Believe it or not I do not tell the untruth. It was about winter 2006 when I got unemployed. I knew I just must do something to get out of my mind that I am one of THEM. It was also about the time the government decided to ament the payout date of unemployment assistance from end of the month to the beginning of the month. Have it that meant double payment for one month. I thought I am going crazy when I took a catalogue for painting materials and ordered 12 big canvases, some huge bottles of different oils and thinner, the biggest bags of pigment I could find, although the lady on the phone recommended smaller bags. I was so excited when the materials were delivered soon. I loved the Harry Potter movies at that time and I was determined to make 12 paintings about them. One of them was a portrait painting from Snape. You know, the strange, bat like professor of potions and dark magic. When I started painting the portrait all seemed to be fine, except that I found it extremely sexy to watch this withdrawn looking guy. I enjoyed observing him, while he resembled a person banned by looking at something … someone? Watch yourself !


Is the ‘someome’ me? I immediately rejected this freaky … scary? Idea. IF I HAD NOT! Still full of life I went ahead painting, sometimes dropping away while sitting on my chair overserving my progression, until a day… it was a weird feeling, because I looked at the chair I have just fallen asleep on, me gone, but only a painting of an eye … my eye, I understand.

  I am still watching you ;)

 I have never left the place I now have to live in, which I am certain is Snape’s eye.


  The Eye