Sunday, October 26, 2014

Rolling Emoji

A Gif made for the dailycreate tdc1022 Emoji come to live!

I shot five pictures of a tennis ball and created with these a Gif in Photoshop. I copied an emoji tennis ball from an internet page and replaced the ball from one of the photos with it.

I like the idea that emojis can become real like my tennis ball emoji. And who knows, because it is an emoji ball it may be now a living thing that can breath and feel and eat. Just an idea.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Entirely Joined Meaning

I was always confused by all the definitions of remix and mashup, but now I dare to publish a remix (mashup?) from a song and recorded speech (both by me) that is my very personal way to explain remix.

A Remix Remix

I am sure you have already listen to a remix where you can hear a song interrupted by someone saying something. This is exactly what the tutorial is about.

I will create this kind of remix and by that telling you about the foundations of Audacity which is a sound editing software and which you can download for free. But first listen to the example.

I have used a song I created for a different tutorial and I will record me saying one of the many definitions on remix.

The following 8 but short tutorial videos will tell you about all. Just before watching them download and install Audacity. Note that I am a PC user, Shortcuts I mention may be different with a Mac.

The Audacity interface, loading an audio file and previewing it:

Select, copy and paste to a new track, remove clipping noises:

Generating new audio parts and moving them.

Recording and noise removal.

Taking parts of the speech and remixing it with the song. 

More parts of the speech will be remixed with the song.

Exporting as mp3.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

One, Two, Wow!

As an example of an assignment idea I have posted at the ds106 assignment bank, I have produced a piece of music, where you can hear a voice saying something over a beat.

I used Soundation to create a beat and exportet this as a .wav to my computer. After this I loaded the file into Audacity. In Audacity I recorded my voice saying 'One, two, Wow.' I did not choose the words for any meaning, but because I felt it right for my chosen beat.